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Half Life 2 - June - When Valve announced that Half Life 2 was coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 I immediately began to salivate. The key reason why? Because this is a pretty game, and the Xbox incarnation almost ruined that bank. But on these juggernaut machines, it's going look damn pretty indeed. Throw in online play and the first two chapters from the expansion and is invaluable own for Half Life fans.

After not talking with regards to their two most anticipated product for months in 2009, Nintendo finally revealed the date and price for Wii MotionPlus and Wii Sports Resort. Wii MotionPlus in order to released on June 8th for $19.99. The $49.99 Wii Sports Resort bundle with the aforementioned accessory is schedule for July 26th.

What would you guys imagine these specs? Do you think the Vita can be a success? Move the message in the comments section below and remember to check back often to get more detailed gaming news!

Overturn: Mecha Wars hits WiiWare for $8 (800 Nintendo points). This is really a crazy multiplayer mech shooter utilizing the quantity Board for control. I'll take the samurai mecha FTW.

The Kinect beat the Move in the first month sales any paltry will.5 million units sold. The Wii still dominates the rare gaming market, but includes still a minor victory for that other two, that pickup trucks Wii could be taken all the way down.

When all is said in done, it seems more likely that the date is incorrect. Once we ignore past months of release from the games from GTA3 is without question (barring Chinatown Wars on DS), fantastic commentor on that article's site believes it is very unlikely 1 reason: Don't believe the brand new game always be released on the Sunday. Even though it may be true that games are normally released on Tuesdays, there have indeed been cases of Sunday releases. It would also be quite likely that the preorders would ship (depending in the shipping method, anyway. Obviously USPS and other that don't run on Sunday would not normally.) a couple of days before the hit shelves so that individuals who preordered and wanted it shipped to their house would buy it around the same time, perhaps day earlier in some instances.

Yeah. This is a great plan. I'm liking this in turn. For those of you interested in picking your own "Nomad v2," the Retro Gen will be hitting store shelves in the us on July 25th.

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